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Janis Ellison

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Somber Set

Stormy Weather

Pacific Crest

Rocky Crest

Coastal Haze

Canyon Way

Coastal Mist

Fall Splendor

Valley Stream

Evening Dunes

Rocky Shore

Los Carneros Evening - SOLD

Storming Haystack

Janis Ellison was born in California and has lived and traveled extensively throughout the western states. While living in New Mexico she was drawn to the dramatic landscape of the high desert and discovered painting in pastels. She studied with many of the great pastelists of this century; Albert Handell, Bob Rhom, Clark Mitchell, Gill Dillinger and more recently with mentor Richard McKinley.

In 2006, Janis moved to Oregon, where the pristine setting of her new home provides endless inspiration for her work. Her honors include signature status in Pastel Society of America, Pastel Society of the West Coast, Pastel Society of Oregon, Pastel Society of New Mexico, Sierra Pastel Society, and Northwest Pastel Society. Janis has been published in The Pastel Artists International Magazine and won numerous prestigious awards in regional, national and international shows.

The subjects and style she chooses are landscapes with an impressionist style because she wants to interpret the inspiration she gets from nature and express it through her paintings. She paints both Plein Air and in the studio, believing that painting from life is the best way to learn to see the qualities of light and color.

Janis is most inspired by the mystery of the path, the bend in the river, the distant view, water flowing and churning and the light that falling on the earth creating the mystery and beauty of nature. She loves pastel because of the immediacy of application the medium allows, and it is the most like drawing. Choosing pastel sticks in vibrant, pure color and textures gives her a rich sensory experience and gives her work a personal expression.

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